Laskey’s Lucky Ones and Volunteers, LLOV, is a total rehabilitation rescue. We address not only the physical rehabilitation of our animals, but their emotional and behavioral needs as well. Mind, Body and Soul. LLOV is only able to do this through the hard work and dedication of our Board Members, our wonderful network of Core Volunteers and the ultimate heroes, our Foster Families.

Mission Statement: Laskey’s Lucky Ones & Volunteers (LLOV) is a non-breed specific, domestic, no-kill rescue group in Georgia. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and our mission is to rescue and place displaced, neglected and abused dogs and cats in permanent homes. LLOV is also devoted to promoting and facilitating responsible pet ownership and works with owners within our communities to access low cost vetting options, food pantries and assistance with getting dogs off tethers.  LLOV serves animals within the metro-Atlanta area with a focus on under-served areas of South Fulton and adjacent counties.

LLOV is a 501(c)(3), completely volunteer run charity licensed by the Department of Agriculture that is dedicated to providing community outreach, as well as rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of homeless dogs and cats.

LLOV values the life of every animal and we work cooperatively with animal control and other animal advocacy groups to educate, empower and enable owners to provide the appropriate care to keep their pets safe, healthy and happy.  LLOV partners with low cost spay/neuter programs to help owners access the vet care their pets deserve.  We also work with various organizations to get dogs shelter, food, water, parasite preventatives, and off tethers.

LLOV offers a total rehabilitation program for our rescue pets. We address basic vetting needs such as alteration, vaccinations, diagnostics and treatment of any existing medical issues. We address all behavioral needs with the assistance of our wonderful community partner, Frogs to Dogs and their certified trainers and with the guidance of veterinary professionals.

Want to foster or volunteer to help in other ways?  We are always looking for volunteers to help with adoption days, fundraising events, community outreach, transporting, clerical work, marketing, and more!  Please reach out to us and become part of the solution!  You can send us a quick email and get involved: laskeysluckyones@gmail.com